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                                                                                                    A Three-step Three pianinos Tale

These are the first pieces of music I had composed in 1993-1994 (age 8-9), after one year of simplest music education and with no previous or current touch with Western art music besides what I played. My teacher was of a kind that when I would ask about the sign P below the stuff, that I had seen in the pieces that were further in the book - she would say: "It's not what you need to know now, I'll tell you when we arrive there!" When I turned 10, my parents noted that they should talk with her about my music education and they all decided it was a moment for her to take me to a better teacher, which was her friend. I still adore both of those teachers, as they were very sincere.

All these pieces flourished in a few days following my parents' exchanging the only piece of land they had ever acquired, of 100 m2, for a 30-year-old Russian piano "Tchaika". The years 1992-1995 were the first hardest period in my childhood, when a one-month salary was enough just for buying one bread and one liter of milk, and the inflation was recounted three times a day, each time 1000 times higher that the previous. We were surviving exclusively because of going to the village of my great-grandparents every single weekend, vacation day and holiday, to work the land, take care of domestic animals and produce food, as we were doing since I was born till when I become adult.

First composed piece Marija.jpg
Second composed piece, for three hands a

For three hands (for two infants)

 1) The third piece to compose, during the same period as the previous two: a four movement Sonatina, with a cyclic motive in the 2nd and the 4th movement... (the blue pen corrections are the only thing my music teacher had as a comment to this)

 2) An unfinished enharmonic Andante. (The text above it says: Today for tomorrow... Rules agenda... I am bored.)

At that moment I stopped, because we didn't have light during almost half of the day, during months and my candle was over.

 3) The first poem I have started composing to. (Title: Let me do as I wish! Tempo: Fast, Convincing. Lyrics: Why always one and the same? Does everything have to be clear and unpolluted (flawless)? 

After that, I began to be in the process of discovering the immense empathy that a human being can discover within himself by investigating about what someone was thinking and feeling, that can even already be a late person, and what happens when our thoughts and feelings spontaneously happen not to differ from those - what for me is the artistic research of the base of Western notated art music interpretation in performance. 

Fading Solitude
00:00 / 07:54

Spontaneous  unexisting relation break up improvisation, which had cured me after listening it over and over one afternoon. 2012

After the NATO bombing in the 1999, another difficult and, some would say, extremely miserable period had started. Since that year, from my age of 14, till I turned 17, a spontaneous action of joining help for my future for me had begun, thinking of the moment when I would turn 18 and have to go to another city to start the university studies.

Person by person, all the family, from the closest to the furthest, from the known and unknown friends and companies, the help was raised. When I passed the entrance exam for the university, it was there! A brand new 20 year old Shultze! Thanks to these amazing people.

When I turned 30, my partner I loved had decided to "buy me" a piano "as he would love me to teach him to play the piano, when he comes to visit". There was it! A brand new, unused but 11 year old Yamaha, pianino as all previous ones.

Thank the world for so much goodness, before asking for any help.

Who can know which the fourth piano will be? Is it important to imagine in advanced what maybe can't be imagined in advance? In those questions resides the beauty I see in life.

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